Transform your world through seamless augmented reality experiences 

Build a new reality

From augmented city walking tours, museum and art gallery exhibitions to location based documentary stories, mobile based augmented reality allows users to reveal new layers of stories in one location, discover hidden secrets and go on a self guided adventure they will never forget.

Canopi specialises in the creative application of location based narrative story and experiences for brands, tourism bodies and cultural agencies. Please contact us for enquiries.

Heritage and Museum Tours

Interactive augmented and virtual reality applications are transforming the audience experience of museums and art galleries.  Apps provide an opportunity to explore the story behind the exhibit or artwork and engage with it from new and creative perspectives.


Travel Destination Experiences

Once a tourist arrives in a new place the first thing they need is help finding restaurants, hotels and fun things to do. Augmented reality tour apps allow consumers to seamlessly search, navigate and experience a city like never before. Tailored tips from local experts, unique historical stories and a city's hidden secrets are all at the user's fingertips.

Narrative AR experiences for news media, documentary, film

Location based augmented reality for news media and documentary allows audiences to explore a story in a real location. As they uncover the narrative, audiences step inside the lives of a character or community, walk alongside them and experience the world through their eyes.