Narrative storytelling and branded content in virtual, augmented and mixed reality

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We bring you closer.

Canopi is an immersive story studio bringing you closer to the people, culture and stories of Asia. From VR/360 stories and experiences to location AR content, our specialty is authentic, story driven content inspiring curiosity, challenging stereotypes and redefining expectations of an evolving and influential Asia Pacific.

Canopi is the immersive storytelling arm of Maitree House -an award winning creative studio with a cross cultural creative team based in Australia and Asia. We partner with news media, progressive brands, tourism, education, development and government sectors to create compelling narrative and branded content and creative VR/ AR applications.



Immersive narrative content in AR / VR and MR for editorial, news media and broadcast



Branded content

in VR, AR and MR.



VR, AR and MR storytelling and narrative experiences

bringing history to life



Augmented reality destination tours, street art, heritage and culture.



VR, AR and MR destination stories, tours and virtual brochures



Real life training scenarios with decision points in Virtual Reality

We specialise in story.

Narrative storytelling in immersive reality  allows your audience step inside the lives of a character or community, walk alongside them and experience the world through their eyes. With backgrounds in journalism and filmmaking, the Canopi team have over 10 years experience in crafting extraordinary stories to engage, inspire and drive change.

We innovate storytech.

From interactive immersive journalism to unforgettable VR and AR travel experiences, the Canopi team pushes the boundaries of interactive narrative within VR, AR and MR to bring creative ideas to life. Our film crew works with high end 8k 3D VR cameras  to deliver the highest quality VR experience for our clients.

We use stories to drive positive change.

Canopi stories take you on challenging and often unexpected journeys into the lives and communities of one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world. Through these stories we aim to provide new perspectives, build greater understanding and celebrate inclusion and diversity across the region.

Partner with us.

From VR/360 video experiences to location AR content, Canopi's specialty is authentic, story driven content inspiring curiosity about the world and promoting action to your cause. We focus on creating quality narrative experiences that engage audiences on a deeper level with your brand's story. 

We love collaboration so please contact us to explore new and creative ways to bring the power of immersive storytelling to your brand's customer experience or marketing strategy.



Contact Us.

Australia: (+61) 02 9098 4863

Malaysia: (+60) 11 5136 2718

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